— NEVER AGAIN – The history behind the future.

In NEVER AGAIN, I attempted to create a near future in which events similar to the Holocaust – although without the mass murders and deaths – happen in the United States: American Jews are arrested and held in detention camps, eventually, they are deported. My task was to make the unthinkable thinkable. I relied on history. Nearly every country in which Jews have lived, which … Continue reading — NEVER AGAIN – The history behind the future.

— Available now: NEVER AGAIN

NEVER AGAIN, a Novel, was just published on November 24, 2018. The book is a chilling depiction of how the convergence of present political trends – exclusion of political refugees, deportations of illegal immigrants, demonization of minorities and a normalization of intolerance – could lead to a reoccurance of something similar to the Holocaust in the United States. Harvey Schwartz, a leading civil rights attorney, … Continue reading — Available now: NEVER AGAIN