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NEVER AGAIN, a Novel, was just published on November 24, 2018. The book is a chilling depiction of how the convergence of present political trends – exclusion of political refugees, deportations of illegal immigrants, demonization of minorities and a normalization of intolerance – could lead to a reoccurance of something similar to the Holocaust in the United States. Harvey Schwartz, a leading civil rights attorney, creates a future in which Israel is destroyed by an atom bomb and surviving Israelis are herded into concentration camps run by vengeful Palestinians. Jewish refugees  fleeing this catastrophe are turned away by European countries already inundated by decades of desperate immigrants. Two ships packed with  Jews arrive in Boston Harbor. The United States has erected its wall on the southern border, has closed its doors to asylum seekers from across the globe and has expelled millions of unwanted refugees. No exception is made for white, Jewish refugees. The two ships are about to be turned away to return to Palestine when the 4,000 refugees on board are carried away in a midnight raid by American Jews. The FBI then sweeps Boston suburbs and arrests thousands of Jews, Israelis who fled the ships and Americans who are hiding them. American Jewish pleas to restore a devastated Israel and to accept Jewish refugees are rejected by courts and shunned by politicians. America’s six million Jews are forced to decide whether to do nothing, to accept the destruction of Israel, to accept the creation of detention camps for thousands of Jews, or to resort to the desperate alternative of terrorism.

This terrifying novel compels readers to answer soul searing questions: what would I do to stop a Holocaust from happening in my own country? Is there anything I wouldn’t do to stop an American Holocaust? Just what would it take for the vow “Never Again” to have meaning in what America has become?


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